Excessive Pronation

A multi-purpose, general use sports orthotic for treating Excessive Pronation.

This functional, Pronation Control/Sport Orthotic may be used for Excessive Pronation, Plantar Fasciitis, athletics, deformities and more.

This orthotic is typically made with a Polypropylene shell, an extrinsic rear foot post and a full length top cover.

However, more flexible shells like Co-Poly and Subortholen can be substituted.

The most popular top cover combinations for our Pronation Control/Sport Orthotics are:

The 1/8” full length Matte Poron mid-layer and a 1/16’’ EVA full length top cover


The ‘FF’: the 1/8” Spenco/Neoprene full length top cover only, the A.

Price Code: B

We also have Accommodative Orthotics for this pathology.

For an alternative, general use orthotic treatment for this pathology, see the MVP Orthotic.

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