Excessive Pronation

Treat Excessive Pronation by leveling the playing field.

A successful approach to treating Excessive Pronation begins with a very supportive arch (exactly matching the cast provided), a sulcus length shell with a 4 degree forefoot varus posting and a full length top cover.

This approach will effectively bring the ground up to the forefoot, which may help to maintain the rear foot in a more neutral position.

The rear foot can also be ordered with varus posting, which can be ground into the shell during manufacturing.

Price Code: A

To Order

To order this type of orthotic with the forefoot posting, pick the shell material and check Sulcus length on the prescription order form. Then choose the appropriate top cover combination.

The varus degrees need to be written in the posting area at the bottom of the prescription order form. Check Extrinsic to Sulcus for the forefoot posting.

Please Note

For an alternative, general use orthotic treatment for this pathology please see the MVP Orthotic.

We also have a functional orthotic solution for this pathology.

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