Toe & Forefoot Amputations

Ease the pain now, help prevent complications in the future.

Diabetes and various traumas are major causes of toe and forefoot amputations.

A properly constructed and placed toe or forefoot filler on an accommodative orthotic is very beneficial for the diabetic or neuropathic patient.

Why are toe and forefoot fillers beneficial?

They prevent the shoe from unnaturally collapsing and possibly causing irritation on the distal or dorsal area of the foot

They help to prevent the foot from excessively moving around in the shoe, which may cause ulcers in other areas

They may help prevent the remaining toes from ‘drifting’

To Order

Simply check the box for Toe Filler or Forefoot Filler under Specialty Items on our prescription order form (link). Then order an appropriate full length accommodative Multi Density Diabetic orthotic.

Please darken the amputated area on the foot diagram on the prescription order form

Please Note

A foam casting box works well for capturing these forefoot amputations accurately.

Sending a shoe or pair of shoes along with the casts helps us to correctly fit both the orthotic and the toe or forefoot filler to the patient’s shoe, or at the very least include a photo copy of the insole of the patient’s shoe.

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