Casting Instructions

Casting Instructions

 Please follow these instructions for making proper foam foot impressions:

1. Take off the patient’s shoes and socks and have them sit in a chair.

2. Open one side of the foam box and lightly center one bare foot on the foam (the foam should remain in the box at all times).

3. Make sure the knee is directly above the heel of the foot so that the lower leg and the foot make a right  (90 degree) angle.

4. Gently push foot into the foam until the heel and the front part of the foot are both near the bottom of the foam box.

5. Lift the foot straight out of the foam and repeat steps 1 – 5 with the other foot.

6. When casting for 3 pair Medicare diabetic inserts, be sure the foot is centered and the heel is punched close to the end of the box.

7. Please indicate the shoe size on the prescription order form


8. Please include a photo copy or tracing of the shoe.  Be sure to trace the full length of the insole – including the curve for the heel cup.

Help Us Make Your Inserts the Perfect Size

Please provide a photo copy of the insole of the shoe to be used. A tracing will also work well.

A simple notation of the shoe size can be misleading because of the various shapes and sizes of different brands and styles.

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