Therapeutic Shoe Program

Our Therapeutic Shoe Program fulfills the criteria for the Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program (Code A5500).

To those patients who are medically certified, Medicare may provide one pair of shoes and three pair of orthotics each year.

Our shoe program gives you the option of ordering both your custom 3-pair orthotics and shoes at the same time, which then allows us to perfectly fit the 3-pair of orthotics to the shoes.

To order diabetic shoes, please complete the Medicare Diabetic Footwear Program Order Form.

Marathon Orthotics, Inc. currently offers six brands of shoes:





dunham brown

propet red

pw minor

New Balance


Our shoe catalog highlights the top sellers for each brand we offer, but additional styles are available. Please call our office to request more information.

Please check your DMERC region to see what your actual reimbursement is, as it does vary from region to region. Shipping costs will apply.

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