Orthotics for Chiropractors

Custom Foot Orthotics for Chiropractors

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Why Choose Custom Orthotics?

Custom orthotics aid in increasing and maintaining the normal function of a patient’s foot. They may also reduce foot, ankle, knee and back pain.

The shell (arch support) portion of these orthotics is a well thought out, time-tested approach to support. The thin plastic shell layer is vacuum formed to the contour of the patient’s foot, and is a non-breakable flexible plastic with excellent memory. The underside of the plastic is layered with an EVA foam similar to the mid-sole of running shoes.

This combination of flexible plastic and foam allows the foot to flex normally as a natural shock absorber. But it will not flex too much and pronate through the device. This is a fantastic combination that can correct bio-mechanical deficiencies. This device may be used as preventative medicine.

Casting Instructions

All orthotics made by Marathon Orthotics, Inc. are custom in the true sense of the word. For this reason, we require an accurate negative cast or 3D image. The impression foam needs to be approx. 2″ thick to provide an accurate representation of the arch.

You can find casting instructions here. Foam can be purchased directly from us here.

Fitting Orthotics in Shoes

If the patient’s shoe has a removable insole, it should be removed from the shoe and replaced with the custom orthotic. For this reason, we usually recommend a full-length top cover.

Dress shoes rarely have removable liners, so a Sulcus length top cover is recommended. It will not take up toe room and will pin down in the shoe to prevent forward sliding.

Heel lifts are available on any of our custom orthotics.

All Chiropractor specific orthotics come with a colorful Ultra Suede bottom cover, unless you request otherwise.

Custom Orthotic Prescription Form for Chiropractors

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