Orthotic Refurbishing & Duplication

Whether you want a makeover or a matching set, we can make it happen.


Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure that your patient’s orthotics will remain in good working condition. Marathon Orthotics, Inc. will refurbish any used or worn-out orthotics whether they were crafted by our lab or another.

Refurbishment includes replacement of the top cover, mid-layer and any extrinsic postings. Price Code: R

Use this opportunity to duplicate the orthotics while we have them in our lab!


Marathon Orthotics, Inc. is capable of duplicating worn or broken orthotics by creating a cast from the old orthotic. This is often a more attractive option than recasting for the patient seeking an exact duplicate of their existing orthotics.

Sometimes a patient wishes to remake an orthotic made by another lab. We will gladly duplicate and/or refurbish any existing orthotic not made in-house. Price Code: R + A/B

Actual before and after photographs of Refurbished Orthotics



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