Dynamic Assist


The Richie Dynamic Assist®

The Dynamic Assist is a custom articulated ankle-foot-orthosis with two spring-like hinges, medial and lateral, to provide up to 15 degrees of dorsiflexion of the foot at the ankle joint during the swing phase of gait.

Clinical Indications

  • The Richie Dynamic Assist Brace® is indicated for the stabilization of the foot and ankle in patients with weakness of the dorsiflexor and evertor muscles of the lower leg
  • Partial or complete dropfoot

This presentation may be the result of:

    • Post CVA (stroke)
    • Mild Muscular Dystrophy
    • Charcot Marie Tooth Disease
    • Post Spinal Cord Surgery
    • Diabetic Neuropathy


This Brace can be used if the patient has:

    • Adducto-varus  foot deformity
    • Diabetic Charcot deformity without severe equinus
    • Body weight over 200 pounds



The Richie Brace® is not indicated for patients with:

    • Spasticity of plantar flexors or invertor muscle groups
    • Moderate to severe weakness of plantarflexors
    • Severe equinus ankle dorsiflexion zero degrees or less



The Richie Dynamic Assist Brace® is an alternative to traditional AFO therapy for dropfoot because the  brace has a comfortable, low-profile sport brace design.  It also has a custom, balanced foot orthotic that contours to the medial and lateral arches and balances forefoot to rearfoot deformities, much like a podiatric foot orthotic.

The orthotic footplate can incorporate standard podiatric modifications including accommodations, forefoot posting and sweet spots.  The dynamic hinge is anatomically aligned to allow a comfortable pure sagittal plane motion according to the patient’s own unique axis of rotation.

The casting technique utilizes the standard Richie Brace® protocol with three strips of plaster or the STS Ankle Sock.

The Richie Dynamic Assist Brace® is now available utilizing the current standard Richie Brace® Prescription form.  Just designate at the top of the form “Dynamic Assist” and complete the form according to the footplate prescription requirements.

Casting Instructions

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