Over the Counter

Over the Counter Richie Brace® Options

The Over the Counter (OTC) and Dynamic Assist OTC braces are precursors to custom AFOs and are priced to stock in your office for immediate patient relief.

Clinical Indications

  • Tendinitis of Ankle
  • Inerim Brace
  • Before Custom AFO Treatment
  • Acute Ankle Sprain

Features and Benefits

  • Prefabricated contoured orthotic footplate
  • Full flexion ankle articulation
  • Semi rigid limb uprights
  • Recessed Velcro straps
  • Maximal support and leverage to prevent ankle rotation
  • Pre saggital ankle plane motion
  • Controls Internal/external rotation of tibia
  • Adjustable fit

The Richie Brace® OTC

The slim, compact design and open posterior ankle plate provide superior shoe fit. The soft upright pads and resizable Velcro straps adjust the brace for a wide range of leg sizes.

The OTC brace was created for unique ankle sprains.

The Richie Brace® Dynamic Assist OTC

 This brace is designed for drop foot type conditions where weakness of the muscles, tendons, or ligaments around the ankle inhibit dorsiflexion of the foot at toe off.

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