Soccer Brace

The Richie Soccer Brace®

The Richie Soccer Brace® is a custom ankle brace that incorporates a shin-guard for soccer practice and competition. This brace is a specialized version of the Richie Brace®, a custom articulated ankle foot orthosis.

The Richie Soccer brace includes custom, balanced functional foot orthosis articulated at the ankle with a semi-rigid ankle brace.

Clinical Indications

    • Functional Instability of the Ankle and Subtalar Joints
    • Post Grade II and Grade III Lateral Ankle Sprain
    • Recovery from Syndesmosis Sprain
    • Severe Sever’s Calcaneal Apophysitis
    • Chronic Medial Tibial Fasciitis (shin splints)
    • Tendinopathy of the Foot and Ankle


Unique Features

Most ankle braces do not fit comfortably into cleated soccer shoes. Most ankle braces limit ankle plantarflexion-dorsiflexion movements vital to proper kicking and control of the soccer ball. Most ankle braces cannot be worn comfortably with standard shin-guards required of competitive soccer players.

The Richie Brace® is custom molded to a plaster model of the patient’s foot. Tight conformity, and thin polypropylene materials assure minimal displacement of shoe fit.

Custom placement of ankle hinge allows pure sagittal plane movement for un-restricted ball control and kicking. At the same time, complete restriction of abnormal frontal (inversion) and transverse (internal-external) rotation is provided by the footplate and limb-uprights.

The molded anterior tibial shin guard fits inside the limb uprights for compact fit, while allowing total functional movement of the brace.


Follow the standard Richie Brace® casting protocol with plaster splints or use the STS Ankle Sock.

Please provide a circumference measurement of the calf for proper fitting of the shin guard.

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